CR Coatza is a major representative of Elkhart Brass in Mexico. This firefighting firm manufactures the leading fire suppression monitors approved by PEMEX.

With over 50 years, Elkhart Brass can guarantee that each and every component in their firefighting equipment was designed, matched and tested for fireground use. Elkhart’s range of monitors span from manual, to electric and even radio frequency monitors (from lightweight portable through apparatus use to complete industrial systems.

CR Coatza´s technology partner Elkhart Brass, is an innovator in the most advanced firefighting techniques and leads the charge in Radio frequency (RF) monitor controls that utilize Wireless Electronic Technology (W.E.T. ®)



CR Coatza is a major representative of CLA-VAL equipment in México. Cla-Val fire protection products provide highly accurate and reliable service in the most critical of applications. Cla-Val fire products are UL and ULC listed and have Factory Mutual approval along with many other industry Certifications and Approvals.

Our extensive range of pressure reducing, pump suction control, check, air release, and deluge valves are counted on for precise and reliable performance on offshore oil platforms and aboard FPSOs throughout the world. Special metals and alloys poured by our own in-house foundries are used to meet the rigorous demands of seawater service, helping to ensure long life and reliable operation, regardless of the environment.




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