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Autronica Fire & Security AS, Oil & Gas is a leading innovator, manufacturer and supplier of advanced sensors and systems for fire and gas detection to the petrochemical oil and gas industry. The product range includes AutroSafe® IFG (integrated fire and gas detection system) with SelfVerify® the world's only IEC 61508 safety integrity level (SIL 2) approved integrated addressable fire and gas detection system.


Autronica also offers a full range of flame and gas detectors, high sensitive smoke detection (HSSD), gas sampling, alarm management and control systems. Service offered includes system design, project management, installation and commissioning, after sales service and training.


AutroSafe SelfVerify


SelfVerify detectors perform a calibrated self-test every day, making time consuming manual testing an activity of the past. AutroSafe SelfVerify avoids these problems by doing the job itself. This breakthrough technology has been developed with the support of the Research Council of Norway and from three major oil companies BP, Total and ExxonMobil.

Not only does AutroSafe SelfVerify test whether a detector is capable of activating an alarm, it also verifies detector sensitivity with a calibrated signal, ensuring that each detector always responds to the correct alarm level. In the event of any irregularities, the operating panel display pinpoints the problem source clearly and concisely. With this new technology, AutroSafe is the most reliable fire and gas detection system on the market - a system that ensures optimal detection 24 hours a day.


From safe to dual safety


The new dual safety technology from Autronica enables redundant control of the loop. If, by any reason, the primary loop control fails, the secondary loop control will take over, and fire detection is thus maintained. Redundancy is achieved without introducing two set of detection loops and thus avoiding twice the amount of cabling and detectors.

Gas sampling in shale shaker ventilation


In the drilling area on an oil rig the main concern is hydrocarbon leakage from the well. Normally, traditional IR gas detectors are chosen to detect these leakages, for lack of options. In such contaminated environments the risk of detector pollution is not a question of if, it is a question of when, as traditional IR detectors need to be placed in close proximity to the source to work at optimum performance.


With the new Omicron gas sampling system from Autronica we have developed a method for gas detection where we are especially focused on making the equipment operate with a high degree of reliability without supervision.

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Detector Electronics Corporation (Det-Tronics) is a global leader in industrial hazard safety solutions, providing flame detection, gas detection, and hazard mitigation systems for critical industrial applications. We design, build, test, and commission SIL 2 flame and gas safety systems that range from conventional panels to fault-tolerant, addressable systems. Our flame and gas detectors are globally certified to the latest product approval standards.



Below you will find a small example of our Fire & Gas equipment:



Autronica Fire & Security has developed the world’s first interactive-addressable system for integrated fire and gas detection: AutroSafe Integrated Fire and Gas Detection System (IFG), the only integrated fire and gas detection system that is approved according to IEC 61508 Safety Integrity Level 2 (SIL2).


AutroSafe IFG has been developed in close collaboration with the petrochemical, oil and gas industry. AutroSafe IFG is designed to comply with present and future standards, including EN 54, and is approved by many international standards organizations.

AutroSafe - large and complex installations

Autronica Fire & Security offers a totally distributed system that literally takes its own pulse: the AutroSafe Interactive Fire Detection System, including the unique technology; AutroSafe SelfVerify.

AutroSafe 4 operates on a high-speed and fully redundant Ethernet-based network solution; AutroNet, providing extremely fast data transmission. A maximum of 64 system units (panels, controllers) can be connected to theAutroNet.The system has a great capacity, and the fact that all types of loop units can be connected to the same detection loop gives large flexibility.

The comprehensive range of interactive low-profile detectors revolutionizes modern sensor technology and is the striking proof of our technical leadership in this field.

Eagle Quantum Premier® (EQP) System

Configurable and flexible, the Det-Tronics EQP safety system provides flame and/or gas detection, alarm signaling, notification, extinguishing agent release, and/or deluge operation. All system components are integrated on a fault-tolerant digital communication network. The system is ideally suited for harsh industrial applications that require a hazardous location rated protection system.$ASSET


Safety system components can be located anywhere in the communication network to provide the most reliable and comprehensive indication and notification of device-specific alarms, troubles, faults, and diagnostics in industrial safety applications.$ASSET


Easy upgrade path for older fire panels and safety PLCs, allowing the safety system to expand to combine both fire and gas detection and notification in one system.


Det-Tronics full line of hazardous gas detection configurations range from a variety of fixed gas combustible and toxic gas detectors to a complete line of display transmitters, gas controllers, power supplies, and gas control panels.$ASSET

Pointwatch Eclipse® (PIRECL) ir gas detector


The Eclipse gas detector delivers the highest quality hydrocarbon gas detection performance available with life-safety control options.$ASSET

Pointwatch™ (PIR9400) ir gas detector


The PIR9400 fixed gas detector continues to deliver reliable hydrocarbon gas detection and the lowest cost of ownership in virtually all LEL detection applications.$ASSET

Open Path Eclipse (OPECL) ir gas detector


The OPECL fixed gas detection system delivers performance, reliability, and value.$ASSET

FlexVu® Universal Display


By providing non-intrusive magnetic calibration and configuration, the FlexVuUniversal Display enables a single person to calibrate a fixed gas detector without declassifying a hazardous area. Plus the backlit, heated LCD clearly displays gas concentration and indicates fault status.$ASSET



Our family of stainless steel catalytic fixed gas sensors provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for flammable gas and hydrogen vapor detection applications$ASSET



A portable and intrinsically safe handheld communicator that may be used to configure and test our PIRECL (Point IR) Gas Detector, our OPECL (Open Path) Gas Detector, or any of our other HART devices.



Our toxic-gas detection portfolio includes sensor types such as electrochemical, metal oxide semiconductor (MOS), and nanotechnology applied to MOS sensors (NTMOS).$ASSET

GT3000 Electrochemical Toxic Gas Detector


Our GT3000 (shown with FlexVu Universal Display) incorporates proven electrochemical sensor technology to detect and continuously monitor a wide variety and range of toxic gasses$ASSET

NTMOS H2S gas detector

Whether the air is dusty, arid, hot, or muggy, the NTMOS H2S gas sensor will alert you to the presence of hydrogen sulfide gas in five seconds or less.


Det-Tronics offers more flame-detection technologies with wider area coverage, higher false-alarm immunity, reduced response times, and the appropriate global approvals. All X-Series flame detectors have HART-protocol options.$ASSET

X3301 Multispectrum infrared

X3302 MultispecTrum infrared

X5200 UVIR

X9800 Single frequency IR

X2200 Ultraviolet$ASSET




This dual infrared flame detector is designed to see both nonhydrocarbon and hydrocarbon fires typical in semiconductor fabrication or gas cabinets. It's sealed polypropylene enclosure is suitable for explosion-proof, classified areas


Apollo Smoke and Heat detectors


These addressable smoke and heat detectors are compatible with the Eagle Quantum Premier® (EQP) safety system via the Addressable Smoke and Heat (ASH) Module.$ASSET

U5005 Smoke Detector


U5005 Smoke Detector is a sensitive, yet rugged, state-of-the-art protection device that is designed for classified areas in hazardous industrial and commercials locations.$ASSET

U5006 Air Duct smoke detector


This smoke detector uses the technology of the U5005 but is mounted into a fiberglass NEMA 4 enclosure. It is designed to detect the presence of smoke for the primary purpose of controlling blowers and dampers in AC and ventilation systems



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